Tall Chicks Rock!

Like me for me, not for my (long) legs!

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This community is a support network for women who are 5'10" and over
Like me for me, not for my legs!

Do people constantly ask you if you play basketball?

Do people ask how you ever manage to find a date who's tall enough for you?

Have you ever walked into a store to find NOTHING that would fit you?

Do you love capris because it doesn't matter if your legs are too long?

Were you taller than all/most of the kids in school?

Have you ever been afraid to wear heels for fear of not being able to get through doorways?

Never fear! Now there's a place you can go to to find other women who are also vertically endowed! No more being the "token tall chick"!

Community Guidelines:

You must be at least 5'10". I'm sorry, but women who are under 5'10" are not "tall", and usually don't have as much trouble as the rest of us.

Also, I figured this was implied, but this is a community for tall CHICKS (MTF and transgender are perfectly welcome here!). If you are not tall and female and wish to join, you must fit into one of the following categories:

~You are the significant other of a woman over 5'10" and you wish to support her.
If this is the case, you must send me a PM along with your request to join, saying something like "Hi, I'm catfactory's boyfriend, I am not a creepy weirdo with a tall chick fetish and I will not harass the girls in this community. The reason I wish to join the community is to help my girlfriend and support her and find places to buy her cute shoes for Christmas."

~You have other circumstances that require you to wear womens' clothing designed for extra-tall people.

I will be much more likely to accept your membership if your livejournal has entries, information, etc. If your journal has no entries, was created today, has no friends, etc; please send me a PM to let me know you're not a troll, otherwise you will most likely be rejected.

Be nice to each other. We're here to support each other. Respect everyone.

No asking each other if we play basketball/volleyball! We've probably ALL heard enough of that question to last a lifetime!

Please introduce yourself in your first post. That's kind of a "duh" thing, but yeah. (See below for instructions)

If you post pictures or really long links or anything that will completely mess up the layout of everyone else's friends pages, please put it under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do that, email me or look in the LJ FAQ.


If you have any questions or anything, just email me or comment.

Your friendly moderator: catfactory/value_meal_2

Info post questionaire (please fill out when you join! Of course if a question makes you uncomfortable, you don't have to answer it):

Current picture of you:
Real name (or at least what you like to be called):
Shoe size:
Ideal inseam:
Bra size:
Current Occupation:
Biggest gripe about being tall:
What you love about being tall:
Significant other (y/n):
Is s/he tall as well:
Shortest you would ever date:
Tallest you would ever date:
Would you change your height if you could, and if so, how:
Have you always been tall:
Do you play/Have you ever played any "tall" sports:
Where do you like to shop:
Anything else you feel should be noted about you: