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Welcome to the online world of the Amazonita, a rare but beautiful species consisting of ladies who are endowed quite well in the vertical sense. Rock on!
Oct. 18th, 2012 @ 06:57 pm Long, good quality nylons online?
A rockin' amazonita posted
Current Location: Canada
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I will finally be old enough to apply for a credit card this December, so I'll get to do some online shopping!

Nylons are so hard to find. The best luck I've had is with Jockey, which I'll definitely stick to if I can't find anything better. I take a 38" inseam for my jeans, but I put those in the dryer, so a 37" -maybe- 36" is what I'm looking for.

The ones from Long Tall Sally have just been TERRIBLE for me. Awful fit, not actually long enough, runs 5 minutes after I put them on...

And I need shipping to Canada.

Nov. 9th, 2011 @ 03:59 pm Untitled
A rockin' amazonita posted
I need a cat woman costume. 
I'm 6'4" and have an inseam of 36"-37"
Do you ladies know of any ideas as to wear to look for one. 
Mar. 7th, 2011 @ 11:21 pm Workout tops
A rockin' amazonita posted
say anything
I'm looking for tall workout tops. Tank tops, preferably. Racerback would be great but I'm not holding my breath. I want actual workout tops that will help hold my chest in place and/or are made of material to help wick sweat away from my body - I don't just want cotton tank tops like what you get from Old Navy. (ON has workout clothes but I haven't seen any tall tops, BTW. I bought workout pants that are too long on me at 6'0", though!)

Ideas? Athleta (Gap's sister store that has mostly workout stuff) has a couple, but they're $60 each - was hoping to go a little cheaper than that.
Mar. 1st, 2011 @ 04:43 pm tall moms
A rockin' amazonita posted
i am pregnant. and tall. 6'2 tall.

i know there are some other tall moms that sometimes check the community. i was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for things like strollers, cribs, etc. that won't wreck my back more than it's already wrecked. i never thought of this nonsense before getting pregnant, but strollers are especially not made for tall people. i don't want to have to push a stroller while bent over. ugh.

thanks for any help!
Dec. 12th, 2010 @ 05:12 pm Six inchers on the last day of school (ever!)
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 I'm trying to arrange a little thing for the tall girls for the last day of school (we're in grade 12). Those of us 6'+ shall wear really high heels. 8D There are four of us, I think. My 6'1 friend is on board. She's already worn heels to school a couple times, but they've only been about 3 inchers. My 6' friend will probably join in, but she had a leg injury, so that might not heal up in time. :( I doubt my other 6' friend would do it, but I'll do my best to convince her. :3
The thing is, I am going to have an EXTREME lack of confidence that day. o.o I really don't want to chicken out, I think this would be awesome... How do I keep my cool? How do I not feel nervous, scared, and -scary- throughout the day? Any tips on "comebacks" to people? (Obviously not rude ones, but a ha-ha, yes, I -do- need the extra height, as a matter of fact" kinda thing. Also, any tips on learning how to walk in heels? 
Nov. 5th, 2010 @ 08:39 pm Coats?
A rockin' amazonita posted
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I'm about 6' even and wear a US 16. I'm looking for a good fall-weight coat - my old one was a wool trench coat from Tall Girl, but that's not really an option anymore. :( Most of the trench coats I find hit at a weird place because of my height - I'd really like something that hits around my knees or so. Any ideas? Where do you ladies get your coats?
Oct. 26th, 2010 @ 01:08 am Genetic questions paper
A rockin' amazonita posted
Hi everyone.

I was planning to do this anyway, but reading a post below has finally decided me on it.

I know quite a few people here have Marfan's or have been diagnosed with similar/variant genetic disorders. After many, many tests I've been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos type 3 (a connective tissue disorder), with Marfanoid Habitus (wonderful description!) and possibly Type 4 (a vascular form).

The search to be diagnosed and the lack of information available has been frustrating to say the least! We know that EDS has the same inheritance possibilities as Marfan's - 50% - and that I have inherited it from my mother (who doesn't have the Marfan's appearance, she is 5'4). My niece seems also to have inherited it from my sister, who is not affected in the same way I am, I have the worst out of my family.

Doctors I've spoken to are all as vague as each other when it comes to diagnosis - but more importantly there is no research into the effects on later life, and no decent insight into preventative therapies, etc (such as avoiding high-impact exercise and the like).

On speaking to several of the better equipped doctors I've decided - with their blessing, and hopefully help - to write an article that will take these issues into consideration by interviewing as many people as I can who have these variants. A part of this paper will focus on the issue of body structure and how recessive genes are perhaps higher markers for transmission.

My question is, would anyone be willing to let me interview them, or family members (with a fixed set of questions) to find the ways these disorders can affect daily life, reproductive questions, etc. The end goal would be to build a basis of research that can be taken further, to encourage proper clinical testing and evaluation of these disorders. Many, many apologies if this isn't welcome, I would only like  to shed a little more light onto these issues, not just for us, but for everyone who has ever doubted that there is something wrong.

Feel free to PM me any questions or comments if you'd rather not use the comment form below. I should point out that I do not have medical training.

Much love.
Sep. 22nd, 2010 @ 10:38 am Ordinary....?
A rockin' amazonita posted
silent hill 2

 So, the other day, my beloved and I were on our way to Taco Bell, and we passed a salon that offered eyelash extensions. And I started on my usual "useless beauty routines" rant, wherein I talk a lot of trash about how it's not just the "Big Companies" that make women buy this shit, it's also the women themselves. Plus, they glue the damn things to your eyelashes, which seems like it would be amazingly irritating. And all for what? I don't know about anyone else, but I've never had a man come up to me and say something about my EYELASHES. "Ooh, baby, bat those thangs for me, because they're really hot." Does that ever happen?

So I was rounding the bend of "waste of money" and galloping down the home stretch of "that's just stupid" about the eyelashes, when Pete said,

"Maybe you don't understand it because you've never been ordinary."

And it's true. I haven't. I've never had to wear facepaint or wacky clothes for anyone to notice me, because of my height. It's never occurred to me that I need to stand out in some way for a guy, or anyone else for that matter, to say to himself, "Hey, check her out!", because I'm already standing out just by being there. 

So yeah. Never been ordinary, I guess. Anyone else feel the same way? 

Sep. 21st, 2010 @ 03:51 pm Too many tall comments?
A rockin' amazonita posted
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From the ages of about 12-14, I always found myself getting really frustrated with people commenting on my height all the time. I would act polite, but it got me feeling pretty mad, just because... well, are the comments necessary? I know they're not usually rude, but they can be so aggrivating. Anyway, I got over it because I figure to them, they're only one person asking a simple question to make conversation and probably don't realize that to me, they are not just one person, they are one among many others. :P I always thought it might be fun to take a tally each month of how many comments I get on my height, and I think today, I'm going to start. I got four comments just within the school day today. I've never gotten that many in such a short period of time. o.O How often do you get comments? Are they usually rude? Do they INSIST that you should play basketball even when you tell them how horrible you are at the sport and that you don't like it? How do you feel about getting comments (socialness is a positive or repetetiveness is a negative)?
Aug. 28th, 2010 @ 09:28 pm MakeYourOwnJeans.com
A rockin' amazonita posted
Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I commented on a post mentioning my experience with MakeYourOwnJeans.com (I am going to use the abbreviation MYOJ) and was asked to do a longer post about it.

So here we go.

I am barely 5'11 which I do not find very tall but obviously clothing manufactureres do. Switzerland, beautiful as it is, comes with very little in the area of tall clothing and what you can find is usually either incredibly expensive or very oldfashioned or a combination of both. I have long since taken to ordering my clothes online but in regards to jeans, this was never quite satisfying. Either the jeans did not fit around the waist, were still too short, too long (not that much of a problem) or, which is mostly the case, just too expensive.
Then I discovered MYOJ. For those of you who do not know the site, they make a lot of custom made clothing: jeans, mens suits, chino pants, leather jackets, shorts but also carry a selection of ready-made clothing.

Prices depend on the fabric you choose but usually range between 49 US dollars and 69 dollars. And there is A LOT of fabric to choose from, different colors, washings, weight or also stretch or non-stretch.
After that, you can further customize your jeans by adding 'add-ons', meaning a specific pocket style, or embroideries, etc. Add-ons are not included in the original price, but if you, say only add a pocket style and don't embroider your jeans back and forth, pricing will be reasonable. :)

You will, of course, have to take your measurements which scared me off at first. However, it is really easy and they even show you little pictures of how to do it.

And that's just about it. So far I have only paid by credit card, not sure whether they accept anything else, maybe PayPal, you'd have to check. The payment is made in indian rupies which looks... weird, but is nothing to worry about.

So far, I have ordered three times from MYOJ, the first two jeans sitting in my closet and the third currently being on the way to me.
Everything I have ordered up until now has turned out EXACTLY the way I wanted it to be and none of the measurements were mysteriously changed or something. I finally own pants that are long enough, fit and do not cost a fortune! Being from Europe, I pay quite a lot of taxes and delivery, but still, regular jeans off the rack would cost me about double - if I could find some, that's it.

I can definitely recommend the page to anyone who has trouble finding pants in regular stores. Prices are reasonable, the selection is huge and you can get about everything done that you want to do with your jeans. If you have toyed with the idea of ordering before - go ahead!